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Would you like to join our team?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

You might have heard of ambassadors, affiliates and sponsors before and if you have, great, if not, don't worry we will explain it all here!

An ambassador, also known as a brand ambassador is someone who would join our team and help us generate brand awareness. We are specifically looking for people who share our values, animal welfare and sustainability. You would be an expert on our products and understand the equestrian and dog sector to help us provide the best service to our customers!

As an affiliate you would join our team and earn money via sales through your own unique link! Don't worry, we aren't target based so you can put as much effort into it as you like. The more sales you make, the more money and rewards you earn. Easy, peasy. This scheme can help get the word out about our awesome company to family and friends.

As a sponsor, you would be a walking, trotting and cantering advertisement for our company! You would become a huge part of Equestrian Rose Ltd and in return we will join you and your riding journey too.

If you feel like you may be suitable for any one of these, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

Kind regards,


P.S. there are no age limits!

Tel: 0191 5166449


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